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Q & A


We use a Harvest Right freeze dryer to process our foods. First the machine freezes to -10 and then it slowly warms up. The ice is sublimated out as a gas condensing around the cylinder of the machine. Once all of the moisture has been removed the items shelf life is prolonged. Due to the low processing temperatures, nutrients are retained and color is maintained. Freeze-dried fruit for example maintains its original shape and has a soft crispy texture.

WHY IS MY CANDY CHEWY IN THE MIDDLE? If you happen to bite into a candy that wasn't thoroughly finished i.e. "chewy" consider yourself a winner! You won the prize of finding the candy that is different from the rest. short of us sampling every piece of candy, we can't guarantee its "doneness".

WHY DOES THIS BAG OF CANDY HAVE MORE/LESS THAN THE LAST? Each bag is filled by weight. When freeze drying sometimes individual items can have less weight then the rest. If the bag looks a little empty but it met its weight requirement, we may top it off!